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Federal Contract Vehicles

In an effort to provide an expedient and efficient manner by which government procurement officials may procure services, cost saving solution, and streamline the procurement process Al-Razaq has taken advantage of the General Services Administration Schedules and Government Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC).

The GSA Schedules Benefits page explains in detail the advantages associated with using GSA schedules.

The following is a complete listing of our current GSA and GWAC Schedules.

520 - Financial and Business Solutions (FABS) 
  Contract No.: GS-23F-0337P
  Contract Period: 7/21/04 through 7/20/014
  SINS: 520-11, 520-12, & 520-13
874 - Management, Organizational Business Improvement Services (MOBIS)
  Contract No.: GS-10F-0198R
  Contract Period: 2/11/05 through 2/10/1015
  SINS: 874-1, 874-1RC, 874-7, and 874-7RC

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