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Welcome to Al-Razaq Computing Services. We are known for providing products and services that meet and exceed customers' everyday expectations.

Who we are:

Founded in 1993 by Idrisa M. Iscandri, Al-Razaq Computing Services is an Operations Management and Business Systems Integration Firm, providing solutions to commercial enterprises, city, state, federal, and other government entities. We currently employ over 170 full-time personnel with academic backgrounds in Mathematics, Statistics, Accounting, Science, Business, Finance, Research, Computer Science, Engineering, and Information Systems and Technology.

What we do:

Al-Razaq Computing Services provides outstanding technical capabilities that include the expertise and wide-ranging experiences to support and manage customer requirements in the following areas: Business Warehouse & Data Mining, Financial Management, Acquisition Management, Cost Estimating and Analysis, Cost Research, Business Analysis, Earned Value Management (EVM), Resources Management and Analysis, Project Management, Information Technology, and Software Development and Customization. Al-Razaq’s Executive Management team has a common goal: "To get the right products and services to our customers at the right price and on time."

Al-Razaq continues to grow to meet the needs of our customers. Our strongest asset is our ability to respond to management and technical challenges in a multi-disciplined environment.

The name Al-Razaq means "The Provider" - A Proven Past for your Future.

Al-Razaq's vision is to always exceed expectations and provide cutting-edge solutions that optimize productivity, success, and growth.
Al-Razaq's mission is to partner with our government, colleges and universities, and private industry clients to develop business technology, financial management, and resource management solutions that maximize business potential. We enhance efficiency and effectiveness for future growth by providing value-added products and services.
Al-Razaq's goals  are to complete every project - start to finish; on time, within budget, and with a satisfaction that we have helped our customers accomplish their stategic business objectives.
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